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-InvivoSciences awarded NIH SBIR/STTR Phase II Grant for engineered tissue-based, high-throughput compound profiling-


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3D Human Tissue Based High-Content Analysis


InvivoSciences - Discovery with a Human Touch  


InvivoSciences provides phenotypic compound screening services for first-in-class drug discovery and drug repositioning. Our- 2012 Edison Award winning- engineered tissue based high content analysis assay evaluates efficacy and safety of compounds through their effects on physiological properties of engineered tissues. Tissue constructs are fabricated using human cells, including cardiomyocytes derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). These constructs mimic physiological properties of cardiac and skeletal (available from Myomics Inc. ) muscles as well as connective tissues. The same functional parameters (i.e., biomarkers) that are used in animal studies and clinical trials are assessed for compound-induced changes in physiological properties of human tissues. In support of National Institute of Health, an application of the technology in comprehensive cardiac safety assessment has been in the late phase of validation.


Phenotypic assay services;

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Engineered Tissue Based High Content Analysis for Drug Discovery

InvivoSciences and Myomics Inc. collaborate to provide novel phenotypic compound screening services.  Compound-induced changes in mechanical properties of cells and tissues are used to identify hits and optimize efficacy and safety of drug candidates.  









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