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InvivoSciences (IVS) provides phenotypic compound screening services for first-in-class drug discovery and drug repositioning. Our "2012 Edison Award winning" engineered tissue based high content analysis assay evaluates efficacy and safety of compounds through their effects on physiological properties of engineered tissues. IVS is a leading developer and supplier of proprietary 3D cell/tissue culture models for highly-predictive, multi-parameter phenotypic assays in pharmacology safety and discovery screening. Our functional 3D tissue models recapitulate the physiological properties of cardiac, smooth and skeletal muscle, connective tissue, as well as 3D model diseased states (e.g. hereditary cardiac diseases, cardiac fibrosis, cancer and orphan diseases). Our unique combination of tissue engineering technology with assay automation and sample miniaturization offers a rapid and cost effective platform for unprecedented therapeutic discovery. In support of National Institute of Health, an application of the technology in comprehensive cardiac safety assessment has been in the late phase of validation.

Through proprietary technology IVS has launched 3D cardiac engineered heart tissues (EHTs) that are fabricated with human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived cardiomyocytes. Direct force of contraction can be measured from our EHTs displaying a greater degree of maturity similar to adult cardiac tissue, which is not typically found in 2D plate cultured cardiomyocytes. Our EHTs are also designed to be compatible with various physiological assays including Ca2+ transient, action potential, measurements, and viability assays. While those intracellular signaling events regulate biological functions, cells in 2D-culture are not ideal and difficult to estimate the actual drug effects on signaliing payhways that orchestrate physiologic functions.